Hello! Welcome to the Community.

We want to say hi and welcome! This is our first blog post so we promise to keep it short, but we wanted to introduce ourselves and officially open the doors to our community. 

We are working on bringing together all of the key elements that will make Boosting Hope a true success, but let’s define what success looks like to us, right now at least.

Our simple vision is to create a lasting impact in our community, helping people overcome specific hurdles that stop them from achieving their goals or reaching that next step.

Community is everything to us, and we want to build a thoughtful network of hope that grows over time. They say it takes a village to raise a family, we believe it takes a village to be successful and that helping each other is one of the best things we can do.


So we invite you to join our community, whether that’s simply by checking our website or social channels periodically, by volunteering, signing up to start a committee or by becoming a partner, we are truly excited to collaborate on this journey. Sincerely, the team at Boosting Hope

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